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Girls Coding KS

Girls Coding Kosova purpose is to encourage women to reach full academic and professional potential in technical fields

How we started?

The idea to create Girls Coding Kosova came after statistics showed a huge discrepancy between men and boys in one hand and girls and women in the other in the IT sector in Kosovo. It is estimated that only around 20% of those employed in this sector are girls and women. This low percentage is a result of many difficulties and barriers girls and women face before and after deciding to study or work in this sector. A widely held prejudice against girls in programming or coding hinders the progress of girls in IT and ultimately leads to a disappointing 20%. Knowing that girls have much more potential ready to be harvested for the good of the society, Girls Coding Kosova was created to help uncover that potential and direct it towards social benefit.

Where we want to go?

Girls Coding Kosova mission is to reach out to the community by organizing different activities that will encourage and empower girls to start a lifelong process of developing in them a true love for technology and a self-confidence that comes from understanding the greatest tools of the 21st century.

Our main goals are:
- Increase the number of interested women in technology/programming
- Expand number of women to consider programming as an academic profession
- Increase the number of entrepreneurial women in innovative fields using coding and programming
- Encourage young girls to start earlier practicing programming


Blerta Thaci


A passionate Android Developer at Appsix(appsix.al), while pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Prishtina. A community enthusiast and internet lover. The main reason behind founding Girls Coding Kosova was to empower girls to pursue careers in technology and engineering. This will be achieved through different activities by using new technologies and their effect upon change in the world.

Zana Idrizi


Zana is currently pursuing her master degrees in International Security at the University of Denver. She completed her studies in Economics and Public Policy with a minor in Legal Studies at the American University in Kosovo. Valuing the importance of education among women is the reasons behind founding the GCK. Her goal behind GCK is to increase the number of educated women in male dominated filed such as programming and empower women.

Adriana Sejfija


Adriana has graduated last May in IT and Economics from American University in Kosovo. She has been awarded a scholarship from USAID TLP program for a master’s degree in United States where she plans to obtain more know-how in programming and IT, with a special emphasis on developing and maintaining information systems. Adriana decided to join Girls Coding Kosova due to her fundamental belief of equal potential between men and women in this field. As a feminist that likes coding, she believes it is her duty to help create a more equal society for girls and women in IT.

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